Color Concept

Fresh & vibrant colours!


Our COLOR CONCEPT success story continues. In addition to the fresh, vibrant solid colours and concrete and bronze reproductions, the latest collection also contains intriguing wood decors as well as cool stone and metal finishes. For you, this means: the possibilities for kitchen design just became more exciting. Our comprehensive range of shelf units, niche claddings, upright panels, worktops and wall units allow you even more versatility in customising your kitchen solution.


Kitchen design just became more exciting!


Speed 244 Alpine White, CC 272 Timber Oak Reproduction


Focus 470

Alpine white ultra high gloss

CC 241 Maize yellow


Laser 413

Mineral grey

CC 246 Orange


Laser 427 Alpine White, CC 254 Aqua



For professional look!

Scratched steel production is the epitome of the metal look, and the distressed character of the finish brings a touch of industrial chic to the kitchen


Touch 334

Lacquered Laminate, CC Rusty Places Reproduction

Dark, classic colours are currently trending in kitchen design.


Touch 340

Lacquered laminate black supermatt, CC 267 Oriental

Our fronts in Black and Slate grey superbly set off our metallic Color Concept decors Rusty Plates & Oriental.


XL Touch 334

XL Touch 334

XL Touch 334 Lacquered laminate, Slate grey

Lux Satin Grey 819

Lux Satin Grey 819

Lux Satin Grey ultra high gloss

touch 340

touch 340

Touch 340 Lacquered laminate, black supermatt