• Laser 427 Alpine White with Concrete grey

  • Credo 765 slate grey & 764 Alpine white

  • Sanremo oak true handle-less kitchen

Kitchens with incomparable charm!

The modern classic style has become very popular with many people in the kitchen again just recently.  The mix of modern and classic elements allows for colour and front combinations with a unique charm all of their own, and impresses with its enduring look.  Modern Classics combines straight lines with simple frame work contours and state-of-the-art kitchen technology resulting with a charming kitchen design with modern comforts.   

Cottage 926

Credo 765 Slate grey

Chalet 881

York 901

Cottage 931 Sanremo oak

Lucca 618 Ivory matt


Cottage style kitchens a la carte!

Out of fashion? Not at all! The modern cottage style kitchen is more popular than ever!. Classic design and traditional shapes meet innovative kitchen technology and the highest degree of comfort and ergonomics. Countless carefully chosen details such as framed glass doors, wickerwork baskets and pilasters give our cottage style kitchen a cosy flair and turn your kitchen into the comfy heart of your home.