Franke pioneered multi-tasking kitchen taps and today, their beautifully designed FilterFlow range of taps, which dispense hot, cold and filtered water, are considered the blueprint for taps that go a little further. Combining beautifully stylish design and technologically-advanced ceramic water filtration, the Franke FilterFlow range is now available from SMC Kitchens.

The Franke FilterFlow range is the perfect addition to any nobilia kitchen. These desirable taps are a stunning complement to many of the Franke sinks in the range, creating a coordinated look with effortless style. Franke FilterFlow taps deliver hot, cold and filtered water, using an advanced ceramic cartridge. This water filtration system is protected by a robust stainless steel housing on all Franke FilterFlow taps, where indicated, adding reassuring durability to the elegant aesthetics.

How do filter taps work?

Franke Filterflow taps are connected to a compact filter system that is fitted below the sink. When you select the tap's third lever, cold water is diverted through the filter system. The system's filter cartridge removes contaminants before the freshly-filtered water travels back through a dedicated waterway inside the tap's spout.

The filtration process

Filterflow filter cartridges provide a unique and highly effective two-stage filtration process. The cartridges feature an outer ceramic shell and an inner carbon core. The fine ceramic has the ability to trap even the most microscopic of impurities, down to submicron level. The activated carbon core is manufactured from solid carbon rod, and eliminates contaminants such as chlorine and heavy materials, as well as unpleasant odours.

Which impurities does a Filterflow tap remove

Franke Filterflow taps will remove a wide range of impurities, including chlorine and chloramine, which you can often smell in the tap water. They can also remove organic matter, chemical and pharmacutical traces, metallics and sediment. Importantly, a Filterflow tap also has the capacity to remove harmful, sickness-inducing bacteria if it is present.

What about the things that are good for you?

The Filterflow tap won't remove minerals and desirable elements such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. These are dissolved in the water and no part of the filtration process removes them from the water. They remain intact and help to ensure your water is as healthy as it is refreshing.

Robust stainless steel housing, secures inside the sink base unit.
Robust stainless steel housing with bayonet fitting, designed to be secured in the sink base  unit side wall
Stainless housing has been designed with bayonet operation for ease of changing the filter.
Stainless steel housing designed for its durability to protect the ceramic cartridge filter.
Housing designed with a bayonet fitting for ease of changing the filter.

Technical essentials

On average, a Franke filtreflow tap will deliver around 2,500 litres of filtered water before its filter cartridge will need changing. And that couldn't be simpler. Its a 1-2-3 operation and as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Please note

Franke Filterflow taps require a mininmum water pressure of 1 bar (hot and cold). Call SMC Kitchens on 07973788375 for futher advice.


With all the superb benifits of the Franke FliterFlow range with the added feature of a superb pull-out hand held spray. The Franke FilterFlow with the added hand spray system is for the kitchen that demands that little more style with functionality.

The precision engineered taps in this range boast the full complement of features that are present in the Franke FilterFlow range, including its advanced water filtration system, as well as an additional Pull-Out hand spray. The ideal hygenic kitchen solution, the spray is perfect for rinsing food as part of meal preparation and dispenses hot, cold or mixed water from the mains supply. Each spray is also specifically designed to reflect the aesthetic for the particular tap that it accompanies.

Filterflow Taps With Hand Sprays

These offer exactly the same filtration performance as the standard Filterflow taps, but deliver extra versitility thanks to the stand-alone hand spray. hand sprays divert water from the mixed water, saving the lifespan of the filter. They are invaluable for spritzing garden-fresh vegtables, rinsing crockery before it goes into the dishwasher and for keeping your sink clean and in pristine condition.

Stand-alone water spray

Hand held Filterflow tap from SMC Kitchens

Franke FilterFlow Kubus hand spray set
Filter cartridge and Pull-out hand spray

stainless steel housing
Franke FilterFlow Olympus hand spray set
Filter cartridge

stainless steel housing
Franke FilterFlow Corinthian hand spray set
Filter cartridge and Pull-out hand spray
Franke FilterFlow Doric hand spray set
Filter cartridge and Pull-out hand spray

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