Boiling water on demand

The Minerva hot water tap from Franke turns the humble kitchen tap into the ultimate time saving, space saving device. Featuring cutting edge technology, and the very best in modern design, the Minerva delivers instant hot, cold and boiling water in a single tap to ensure it can be in new and existing kitchens.

Multiple patents make the Minerva a unique, convenient and safe device. Both the spout and operating handle are insulated, while a two-step safety handle provides ease of use with security as standard. The Minerva is the best selling 3-in-1 boiling tap on the market and more and more people are discovering that it's one kitchen item they simply can't do without.

Safety is paramount with any hot water boiling device

All Minerva 3-in-1 taps incorporate a 2 step safety control to avoid accidental activation. The handle is also spring loaded so the flow of boiling water is instantaneously cut off upon release of the handle. The boiling water and mixed water are provided through completely separate channels in the tap, ensuring the normal hot/cold function is never mixed with boiling water.

5 Litre Horizontal Heating Tank

5 Litre hating tank fits neatly out of sight behind the plinth.

Discrete and suitable for all nobilia's standard designed kitchen sink base units, allowing the horizontal water heating tank to seat neatly underneath and out of sight, with easy access for maintenance and keeping all the much-needed storage space within the unit.

Please note: The Franke Minerva range of hot taps require a minimum water pressure of 1.5 bars hot and 1.5 bars cold to function correctly.

Before the sale of hot taps, SMC Kitchens will test the water pressure in your kitchen to confirm adequate water pressure.


Featuring 4 different models, the Minerva boiling water system is safe, convenient and easy to maintain. Like the rest of the Franke range, there are multiple options and configurations at your disposal to fit in with your needs and life style.

A range of models to choose from

Not only does the Minerva system offer conventionally manufactured taps, but for something really special, Franke offers the Minerva Helix and Mondial models. These are crafted from solid stainless steel to complement your sink and provide a kitchen in perfect harmony.

All Minerva hot water taps are for domestic use only. The warranty will only be validated when it is used in a domestic environment

Minerva orginal chromeMinerva Irena chrome
Franke Minerva original hot water tap from SMC Kitchens
Franke Minerva Irena hot water tap from SMC Kitchens Pontyclun
Minerva Helix soild stainless steelMinerva Mondial solid stainless steel
Franke Minerva Helix hot water tap from SMC Kitchens
Franke Minerva Mondial hot water tap solid stainless steel from SMC Kitchens Pontyclun

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