The Largo Work Centre

The innovative Largo Workcentre sink is so well designed that it actually makes kitchen chores much less of a bore. It is the most complete kitchen solution Franke has ever created, featuring all the style and functioality of a conventional sink, but with the added convenience of two push activated, soft-touch compartments. These can be used for storing washing-up items out of sight and as an area for disposing of food waste, and are plumbed so that any acess water drains away to keep the area clean and tidy. The rear compartment has a removable insert allowing the food waste to be moved for recycling.

Other features include a pop-up waste that is operated via a push button, so that you can empty the sink bowl without putting your hands in the dish water. Add to this accompanying accessories as standard, such as a chopping board and strainer bowl, and you'll see that the Largo is a workstation that dose most of the hard work for you.

Largo accessories as standard, stainless steel strainer and chopping board.

Largo standard accessories strainer bowl and chopping board

Largo Workcentre inset sink from SMC Kitchens Llantrisant
Largo Workcentre LAX211-W-36 inset sink

Stores food waste ready for recycling.

Stores food waste

Stores cleaning utensils

Store cleaning utensils

Largo Workcentre from SMC Kitchens Llantrisant

Push button pop up waste and Olympus chrome spring spray tap

The Largo sink has a unique push button pop up waste to empty the sink without putting your hands in the dish water.

Push button pop up waste from SMC Kitchens Llantrisant Olympus spray tap from SMC Kitchens Llantrisant

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