A Modern Composition

Sylt 851 Lacquer, Honed Black


On Trend!

The contrast between contemporary architecture and cottage style kitchens could hardly be larger and yet, is currently right on trend. The traditional cottage style presentation discreetly stays in the background of this sample kitchen, while elements of modern industrial design take centre stage. The matt black lacquer finish of this kitchen exudes cool nonchalance. Modern glass accents, attractive lighting elements and top of the line appliance technology distinguish this new look. 



The baguette unit with a footprint of just 30 cm has a fixed metal storage shelf, a linen baguette bag and room for 4 bottles.

The lighting railed system is a practical as well as beautiful accessory and generates a uniform ambient light.

It is easy to create inviting accents with open elements. The tablar pull-outs are a great example of this.


Laser 413 Mineral grey

Laser 413 Mineral grey

Laser 413 Mineral grey