The Kitchen Comfort Zone

Who doesn't dream of it?

A kitchen in which the daily routine is made comfortable as possible and where the appliances use the latest technology? In this kitchen suggestion you will find everything a kitchen-connoisseur desires. Particularly important here: This kitchen was essentially designed according to ergonomic principles.

Relaxed kitchen life

the U-shaped kitchen shown with attached peninsular for preparatory work and dining area on the reverse side is planned such that only short walking distances are necessary in normal everyday kitchen use.  In addition, the working heights of the respective kitchen work zones have been perfectly matched to the kitchen user, for instance, electrical appliances are built in at an easily accessible height.  This increases the level of comfort and enables ergonomic working conditions which are gentle on the back.  

 Comfortable kitchen design

For a sink, the active surface is actually the base of the sink.  This is why it should be planned at a height above the normal working height.  Optimally, the sink bottom should reach 10 to 15cm below elbow height.  This relieves the pressure in the spinal digs.  

The standard height of 720mm used in this planning example is only intended for the preparatory work area.  Depending on the plinth height, this activity height corresponds to the normal posture of average size persons when preparing meals in the kitchen.  

The actual activity height for cooking is the upper edge of an average height cooking pot sitting on the hob.  Optimally the carcass at mini height should fall approx. 25cm below elbow height.  This facilitates relaxed cooking since stress is taken off shoulders and arms.  


The Kitchen comfort zone!

Wall Units with flaps or olding/lifting doors offer a great overview and are freely accessible, since no open doors are in the way. The new generation of cooker hoods also guarantees optimum head room, even for taller people due to the slanted surface of the hood.

With the sensor-operated opening support mechanism Libero for the waste separation systems Euro-cargo soft, Euro-Cargo S, Separato-K, Separato-M and Cargo frame the front pull-out can be easily opened with a simple foot movement via a sensor in the plinth area.

The pharmacist's tall unit with its smooth running front pull-out is pretty much the most intelligent option in terms of storage elements. Everything is clearly arranged and accessable from both sides. The height position of the baskets can be adjusted upon request.


Electrical appliances at user friendly heights make loading and unloading extremely convenient, ensure that kitchen activities are easier on the back.

In addition to ovens, steam cookers, dishwashers or fridges, even microwaves and coffee machines can be integrated at ergonomic heights.

Thus, no valuable work space on the worktop is wasted, and the everyday kitchen routine with all it's activities is guaranteed to be relaxed.


Focus 472 black high gloss

Focus 472 black high gloss

Stunning kitchen with black gloss fronts with Sanremo oak

Laser 413 Mineral grey

Laser 413 Mineral grey

Laser 413 Mineral grey